A Ketogenic Diet Is Great But Not For Everyone

You may or may not have heard of Ketogenic Diets, what really are they and are they the right kind of diet for you?

What is a ketogenic diet?

A Ketogenic Diet is a high-fat and low-carb diet, which involves the drastic change of replacing all carbohydrate intake with fat. A Ketogenic Diets main aim is to force the body into using different forms of fuel. That’s right! You hear right! Instead of relying on fuel such as carbohydrates and sugars, ketogenic diets rely on a form of fuel that the liver produces from stored fat called ketones.


It is the reduction of carbohydrates which place the body in a metabolic state called “ketosis”. When the body undergoes ketosis, it becomes astonishingly efficient at producing energy through burning fat!  

How ketosis greatly benefits the body

Since we know what Ketogenic Diets are, let me explain to you how ketosis greatly benefits the body. Ketosis turns fat into ketones which can be found in the liver, these ketones will then supply energy to the brain for usage. Additionally, because they body is now using fat as its primary source of energy, a lot of stored fat gets burned! It really is amazing isn’t it?  

Who is suitable for ketogenic diets?

Ketogenic diets are also great for individuals who are looking for diet which helps in reducing insulin and blood sugar levels. On the whole, ketogenic diets are a great way to help lower risk factors for diseases as well lose weight! BUT are they really the right kind of diet for you? Despite all these benefits, ketogenic diets are NOT for everyone! With the heavy reliance of fats and severe restrictions on carbohydrates that are associate with ketogenic diets, it becomes apparent that people with type 1 Diabetes for example aren’t fit for the diet. Additionally, pregnant or nursing women are highly recommended to stay away from ketogenic diets as they can have long-term negative effects on an infant’s health due to reduced glucose intake on the mother’s side. Similarly, there are other reasons why individually you may not be most suited for the diet.

Honestly everybody’s body responds differently to ketogenic diets, whether you’re a suited for the diet or not it is always best to start off with consultation from a doctor just to be sure! Thank you so much for stopping by we hope you have an amazing day!

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