KetoMall Asia is an online marketplace founded by a legally trained corporate high-flyer turned entrepreneur, Lynn Bakar. A workout junkie and fitness enthusiast herself, Lynn has had difficulties losing weight and sticking to one diet that works. Research after research, she often finds herself flooded with information, not knowing whether the information are accurate or otherwise. Not only that, many a time, she finds herself standing in between aisles of goodies in a supermarket not knowing what her healthy options are.

Realising how difficult it was to kickstart a diet and (of course) to sustain it, led Lynn to thinking and conceptualising an online platform where healthy options are made conveniently available to everyone who wishes to embark on a journey to health and wellness.

Curiosity on the all-time famous Ketogenic diet, more commonly known as the Keto diet, – made Lynn researched and studied what the Keto diet could do to the body. If you do not already know about the Keto diet, in layman term, Keto diet is where a person adheres to a high fat, medium protein and low carbohydrate regime. Despite the fact that  Keto diet has proven to help a lot of people in not only losing substantial amount of weight,   and curing illnesses, information on Keto diet were simply all over the place. Though there were abundance of information on the Keto diet over the Internet, we cannot say the same for the materials, ingredients and products to put Keto diet into practice as these were just scarce and you would need to be in the circle to know where and who to get these things from.

Whilst exploring the Keto diet, Lynn was fortunate enough to have met and befriended some of the real-life Keto diet practitioners in Malaysia. Owing to their willingness to teach and share, which Lynn is grateful for, Lynn managed to get some first-hand insights on the Keto diet from them.

Having experienced how difficult it was for laypersons to comprehend and practise the Keto diet, Lynn wished there was a more structured way of starting the journey. This was the ultimate reason why Lynn was adamant to create Malaysia’s first online marketplace that aspires to be the one-stop-centre for persons interested in kickstarting the Keto diet – KetoMall Asia .

KetoMall Asia’s main objectives are to firstly, offers information about the Keto diet that are accurate and more easily understandable by laypersons and of course, secondly, provides a seamless avenue for people to conveniently obtain materials, ingredients and products necessary to put Keto diet into practice. Armed with easy to digest info and easy to reach Keto materials, ingredients and products – with no more than two clicks between the info, the products and you – ketomall.asia – is your trusted customer-friendly Keto online storefront.

The interaction that Lynn has with the Keto practitioners made her noticed that there are many passionate home-preneurs and Keto-preneurs who had limited capacity to promote and market their amazing home-produced goodies. With this finding, Lynn realises that with the KetoMall Asia’s platform, she would be able to assist these passionate group of people to better market and sell their products.

Additionally, with the photography studio and social media content management company that Lynn owns, the services that the studio and the company offer can be put to good use while benefitting the community of the KetoMall Asia – where the customers are offered a pleasurable online shopping experience and the vendors, an exciting supply and sale journey.

All these echoes the founder’s life pursuit – building and enabling a community of happy, optimistic and healthy individuals.

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