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KETOMEE Konjac / Shirataki Kuey Teow is manufactured under stringent quality control. It is certified by HACCP, BRC and Halal

It is rich in Glucomannan, the highly viscous fibers that can absorb up to 50 times its weight in water. Glucomannan helps to make you feel full faster, lower your cholesterol, regulate bowel movement and reduce weight.
Shirataki or konjac has been consumed by the Japanese for more than 1,500 years. It is the healthiest substitute to normal noodle which is high in carbohydrates, low fiber, loaded with processed/bleached flour and artificial flavours/colours.

The firm texture of Ketomee Konjac / Shirataki kuey teow noodle is perfect for Char Kuey Teow as it prevents the kuey teow from sticking to each other and form a big lump. Indulge KETOMEE Konjac / Shirataki Char Kuey Teow without a guilt.
It’s a myth that healthy food is boring. With Ketomee Konjac / Shirataki noodle you can whip up delicious yet healthy, low calorie and low carb noodles. Losing weight with Ketomee Konjac / Shirataki noodle is an easy, healthy and delicious journey.

Serving Size: 150 gr per pack
Nutritional Facts per 100gr
💙 Calories : 9 Kcal
💙 Fat : 0
💙 Carbohydrate : 0.60 gr
💙 Sugar : 0
💙 Protein : 0 gr
💙 Dietary Fiber : 3.56 gr
💙 Sodium : 0.3 mg

Ingredients: Konjac Flour, Calcium Hydroxide, Water

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