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Maca is an ancient super food native to the Incan empire. Maca being an adaptogen is known for balancing hormones, increasing fertility, immunity booster and libido in both men and women. Maca is popular for its ability to enhance strength, energy, stamina & endurance. Maca is used to combat stress and fatigue, confirming the historical benefits of this incredible superfood.

The Organicule Maca Powder is certified;
> 100% Raw
> Gluten Free
> Vegan
> Non GMO Project Verified
> USDA Organic
> GMP Food Safety Approved

Nutrition Fact (per 5g)
Energy – 18 kcal
Protein – 0.5g
Carbs – 3.9g
Sugars – 0g
Fats – 0.1g
Monounsaturated Fatty Acids – 0.1g
Polyundsaturated Fatty Acids – 0.1g
Saturated Fatty Acids – 0.1g
Trans Fatty Acid – 0g
Dietary Fiber – 1.1g
Potassium – 93mg
Calcium – 18.6mg

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