Signs you are in Ketosis


Ketosis! The bodies amazing way of utilizing a new fuel source called ketones (aside from carbohydrates and sugars) which comes with many unique health benefits! When followed strictly the high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet (keto-diet for short) is known to raise blood ketone levels. However, it is often tricky to decipher if your body is undergoing ketosis. This is due to there are often being both positive and negative signs and symptoms associated with ketosis. Let me talk your through some signs and symptoms of ketosis and hopefully by the end of this read you will have a better idea on whether your body is going through ketosis or not!

Signs you are in ketosis

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1) INSOMNIA. A lot of people doing ketogenic diets have reported experiencing sleep issues when they first start reducing their carbohydrate intake. However, not to worry! The insomnia usually reduces in a number of weeks.

2) TUMMY ISSUSE. People doing ketogenic diets unsurprisingly run into tummy issues, as obviously keto diets involve changing the types of food usually consumed! A few common digestive side effects one may experience at the start of their keto diet journey are diarrhea and constipation. However not to worry! These symptoms usually subside after the transition period. Although to help decrease these symptoms one should make sure to eat a good amount of vegetables that are low in carbohydrates but high in fiber!

3) INCREASED ENERGY AND ACCELERATED FOCUS! As ketogenic diets mainly aid the body to produce and use ketones as its main source of fuel it is not surprising that long term ketogenic dieters often report increased and improved brain function. Additionally, eliminated carbs also help in controlling and stabilizing blood sugar levels which further increase and improve brain function and focus.

 4) WEIGHT LOSS!  Yes, you heard correctly! It is no surprise that keto diets are a highly effective means of losing weight. Many studies have shown that short-and long-term weight loss will likely be experienced when switching to keto diets! Weight should be continuously lost as long as you stick and adhere diligently to the diet.

5) BAD BREATH. I know icky right! However unfortunately, many people do report experiencing bad breath once ketosis is fully reached. Not to worry though! I got you covered, the solution to overcome this is really simple! Just brush your teeth more often! OR Use sugar-free gum to solve the issue.

6) SUPPRESSED APPETITE. It has been frequently reported that individuals on keto diets have experienced a decrease in their appetite. The good things is though, that if you undergo significant appetite and hunger reduction, then you may be in ketosis!

The bottom line is if you consistently and diligently adhere to your keto diet, you should be in some form of ketosis!

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