Tag: Keto

Tag: Keto

Tips for eating out while on a keto diet

TIPS FOR EATING OUT WHILE ON A KETO DIET One of the most dreaded aspects of any diet, managing to follow through with it while eating out! But don’t worry we got you covered with a few tips and tricks on how to eat out while on a keto diet! Eating out at a restaurant […]

Healthy keto snacks

HEALTHY KETO SNACKS Keto snacks are a great way to fill that hungry tummy up between meals while on a busy schedule! However, snacking should not be a regular while on a keto diet, as eating keto is often enough to keep hunger at bay for hours! If you find the need to regularly snack, […]

A ketogenic diet may provide many health benefits

KETOGENIC DIET AND METABOLIC, NEUROLOGICAL AND INSULIN RELATED DISEASES Ketogenic diets (keto diet) are low-carb, high-fat diets which offer a multitude of health benefits. It has been proven by over 20 studies that keto diets are known to aid in weight loss and improve overall health and body wellness. In fact, it is known that […]

Ketogenic Diets for Diabetes and Prediabetes

KETOGENIC DIETS FOR DIABETES AND PREDIABETES If you know a little about ketogenic diets (keto-diets), you would know that they are great for promoting health and wellness in the body. Additionally, also possibly helping to keep certain metabolic diseases like diabetes under control. Fortunately, prediabetes and type 2 diabetes (which is the most common type […]

How ketogenic diets aid weight loss

HOW KETOGENIC DIET AIDS WEIGHT LOSS? Welcome, if you are here because you heard that the ketogenic diet (keto-diet) can help individuals lose weight, you have come to the right place! So, let me start by telling you a little about what keto-diets are. What are ketogenic diets The Ketogenic Diet is a high-fat and […]

How can I start the Keto

HOW CAN I START THE KETO DIET? Welcome! Now as the title suggests I assume you’re here to learn about how you can start your very own person successful keto diet journey! If you stick around, I will guide you through a few basic steps that you can follow to kick start your very own […]

Keto diets vs. low-carb diets

ARE KETO-DIETS SIMILAR TO OTHER LOW CARB DIETS? You probably would have heard by now that Keto diets are a form of high fat, low-carb diet. Unsurprisingly though, there are many other types of low carb diets aside from keto diets such as the Atkins Diet, Low-carb Paleo and Dukan diet. BUT what really sets […]

Signs you are in Ketosis

SIGNS YOU ARE IN KETOSIS Ketosis! The bodies amazing way of utilizing a new fuel source called ketones (aside from carbohydrates and sugars) which comes with many unique health benefits! When followed strictly the high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet (keto-diet for short) is known to raise blood ketone levels. However, it is often tricky to decipher […]

Tips to get into Ketosis

TIPS TO GET INTO KETOSIS! KETOSIS! Well hello there, so lovely of you to drop by. Now you are probably here because well just like the title suggests, you would like to know a few tips on how to get into ketosis. You have come to the right place! Listed below you will find a […]

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