Tips for eating out while on a keto diet
TIPS FOR EATING OUT WHILE ON A KETO DIET One of the most dreaded aspects of any diet, managing to follow through with it while eating out! But don’t worry we got you covered with a few tips and tricks on how to eat out while on a keto diet! Eating out at a restaurant If you follow these basic steps, eating out while on a keto diet will be a breeze!
  • Avoid eating grains and starches- While ordering an entrée swap out all grain and starches for a yummy salad or steamed vegetables! If you don’t find an entrée suitable for you keto needs great creative and go for a meal with both appetizers and sides that satisfy your keto needs!
  • Change it up- If you’re ordering a burger of sandwich why not ask the staff if you can substitute the buns with lettuce wraps! And instead of sugary calorie loaded sauces like BBQ or ketchup opt for mayo, mustard of guacamole.
  • Base your meal choices around protein- When ordering try and go for meals that contain good protein like eggs, cheese, steak, chicken and salmon. Also order sides or add in healthy vegies and fats to your meal like salads!
  • Look at the restaurant menu before heading out- This is a great tip to keep in mind when eating out! It will help you feel much more prepared and less overwhelmed when you arrive at the restaurant.
Eating out during events or parties This often can be tricky as you will not know what kind of foof to expect. But not to fear we got you covered with a few easy tips that will surely make the next party or event you attend “keto-friendly”.
  • Eat before the event- Load up on a fat-filled keto meal before the event to avoid the temptation of diving into that yummy dessert or pizza!
  • Learn to say no- Do not feel pressured to eat something that you don’t want to! It is perfectly normal to say no.
  • Communicate- Try communicating with the hosts before the party or event and let them know you are on a ketogenic diet. Most hosts will be compliant and understanding and do their best to help you!
Avoid putting too much pressure on yourself remember if you have a slip up you can always get back on track with your next meal! Thank you so very much for stopping by! We hope this article has helped you find whatever you’re looking for. Have a great day.

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