Tips to get into Ketosis


KETOSIS! Well hello there, so lovely of you to drop by. Now you are probably here because well just like the title suggests, you would like to know a few tips on how to get into ketosis. You have come to the right place! Listed below you will find a few neat tips on how to get your body into ketosis. Let’s briefly cover what ketosis is before moving into our topic of discussion.


 Ketosis is a metabolic process that occurs when your body converts fat into compounds called Ketones, which is then used as a main form of energy in the body aside from carbohydrates and sugars! Fascinating what your body can do isn’t it! That being said, as simple as it sounds getting into a state of ketosis does take some effort and effective planning.  Now let me enlighten you with some tips on how to get your body effectively into ketosis.

Tips on how to enter ketosis

  • Firstly, as obvious as it may be, MINIMSIE YOUR CARB CONSUMPTION. This is by far the most important component to achieving Ketosis. Usually the body relies on glucose as its main form of fuel, which is stored in the liver and muscles in the form of glycogen. When carb intake is reduced these stores of glycogen get used up and hormone insulin levels decline. This allows fatty acids to be released from fat stored in the body which is then converted into ketones. Amazing right!
  • Secondly, LOAD UP ON GOOD HEALTHY OILS! Consuming oils such as Coconut oil, Hazelnut oil, Olive oil, Avocado oil and Hazelnut oil are a great way to get in the right kinds of fats. Eating healthy oils are a great way to reap weight loss and overall healthy bodily benefits of ketogenic diets. Coconut oils are especially beneficial in the process of ketosis as they contain a fat called “Medium Chain Triglycerides” (MCT). The body is able to rapidly absorb MCT and take into the liver to be converted into ketones or used immediately as energy! This is a simple and effective way to get the body to start ketosis.
  • Thirdly, GET INTO PHYSICAL ACTIVITY! During exercise the body gets depleted of its glycogen stores which are then usually replenished with the consumption of carbs. The carbs are then broken down into glucose and converted to glycogen. This is beneficial as when it occurs the body gets kick started to produce ketones due to the lack of glycogen, and as we know during ketosis the body mainly uses ketones as its form of energy. Being more active is a great way to help you get into ketosis!
  • Lastly, MAINTAIN AN ADEQUATE PROTEIN INTAKE! Studies have shown that partaking in very low carb diets followed with protein intake have been found to induce and maintain ketosis. The consumption of protein is necessary and essential for the liver to make “new glucose”. This is VERY important as this process helps provide certain cells into body that can’t use ketones as fuel get adequate amounts of glucose to be used as fuel instead.

There you go a few simple and easy steps to follow to help your body get into sate of ketosis!

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